Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Les Bains Douches

Before I begin, I would just like to say I wish I had more pictures for this post, and I wish there was a website link I could add for you. 

Believe me, I’ve spoken to the manager of Les Bains Douches a couple of times about this, trying to encourage him to put up a website, because as someone coming from North America, this is almost unheard of nowadays.  A gay bathhouse/sauna not having a website?!

But alas, no such luck.
  I guess you are just going to have to believe me when I tell you that if you were curious about where you should be going in Nice for some hot bathhouse action, Les Bains Douches is your “go to” location.  Even my friends that live in the Cote d’Azur all seem to agree.

You see, Les Bains Douches has been a fixture in Nice for many years now and without question it is the most popular gay bathhouse in the city, if not this region of France.

For myself, having had 13 plus years experience managing bathhouses, I know how important it is to make sure customers always come in feeling comfortable immediately in this type of environment, especially if this is their first visit.  And that attention is given to details in the space.
  Well you will certainly find this and more the minute you walk through the door of this sauna.

At Les Bains Douches, the manager and staff are always very hospitable, if this is your first time there, they have no problem showing you where everything can be located, in fact, I have found they will jump at the chance to guide you around.

Les Bains Douches is located on a very safe, business/residential type of street in central Nice.  Inside, the bathhouse is laid out over three levels.  As soon as you walk in, to your right is the check-in counter where you pay a small, flat fee, then you will be buzzed into the bar/lobby area, through there is the rest of the bathhouse.

I hesitate in giving you the exact details of what is on each floor because I have found the owner likes to change and
improve the space.  Les Bains Douches is continually kept fresh, upgraded and interesting.  You will find your usual labyrinth of hallways, areas for play, glory holes, dry and wet saunas, porn and other wet areas, just with some extra touches.

I will tell you this though, I love how grand the curved marble stairwell feels.
  I love how the huge porn room on the top floor is set up with vinyl foam mattresses on different levels.  I love how relaxing the large, rectangular Jacuzzi area can be with the stained glass ceiling.

You will find the whole club is spotlessly clean, and very well maintained.  The friendly staff will help you with any questions you might have, not only about Les Bains Douches but with anything to do with the gay scene in Nice.

Here is what I also like, when you arrive and before you check in, without asking, they will tell you how busy it is with customers inside.  So that you do not pay to come in only to find there are maybe 5-10 people in the bathhouse.  Then the choice to proceed to come in or not is entirely up to you.  Being honest, you cannot get better service than that.

Les Bains Douches is very easy to find.  If you are coming from Place Massena, go to the side of Galeries Lafayette that is on rue Gioffredo and walk about three blocks east until you are at the cross street of rue Gubernatis, turn left and you will find the sauna at: 7 rue Gubernatis.  It’s a decent, very discreet looking building with a discreet off the street entrance.  No big flashing signs.

Les Bains Douches is open every day from 1pm until 10pm, although I have sometimes seen them stay open until midnight.

So although there is no website link, if gay bathhouses are your thing, you really must check out Les Bains Douches.

I guess when your business naturally attracts the locals and visiting international clientele.  That just means you have a very diverse crowd and something for everyone, so maybe one doesn’t need to go through all the fuss of having a website?  Whatever they are doing, it’s working!

As always, play safe and have fun.

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