Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Boscolo Plaza Hotel - Nice

On my first visits to Nice, I was always struck by how elegant and regal the Boscolo Plaza Hotel appears.  Like a grand dame in the heart of the city overlooking the park, sea and all it surrounds.  I still feel the same about the hotel to this day.

There is something very appealing and comfortable about the hotel.  I instantly fell in love with the attention to detail in the architecture, the beautiful cornices uniquely carved around each and every window and balcony, and just wait until you see how the building is lit up at night, it brings out the details of the hotel even more and a sense of romance.

In recent years the Boscolo Plaza Hotel has had some renovations and upgrades done to the building and it’s 172 rooms and restaurants, all so that you can have a more pleasurable experience in what feels like a stately yet modern functioning hotel.


The staff is friendly and accommodating in helping you with a recommendation on what size room to choose from and any other requests.  All the rooms have wonderful and interesting views of the city, my personal favorites are the rooms on the corner overlooking rue Paradis.

The address of the Boscolo Plaza Hotel is: 12 avenue de Verdun, the hotel takes up practically the whole front of that block, you certainly can’t miss it.  Boscolo Plaza Hotel is literally a 30 second walk away from the corner of Place Massena and perhaps a two-minute walk away from the beach.

If shopping is your thing, then not only is the gay-friendly Boscolo Plaza Hotel in the center of it all, it is above it all as many of the high end boutiques are situated at street level, tucked into the front of the building.  You will find shops such as Hermes, Cartier among others if luxury shopping is what you are seeking.

And if you are interested in relaxing with a drink and enjoying a delicious meal, then make your way to the rooftop terrace or “La Terrasse” where you can just sit back, eat, drink and enjoy the spectacular views of the city and sea.

The Boscolo Plaza Hotel has everything and more, it’s even within walking distance to most of the gay bars, saunas and nightclubs.  In my world, who could ask for more than that?

If you are looking for a quality hotel stay, I’d book into the Boscolo Plaza Hotel in Nice.

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