Tuesday, May 31, 2011

G.I. Sex Shop

I'm going to confess something here.
I've actually only been inside the G.I. Sex Shop about twice in all of my time in Nice so the information I'm going to provide will be very limited.

G.I. Sex Shop is located on the edge of Vieux Nice along the tram line.  It's within walking distance of Place Masséna but if you happen to be on the tram, step off at the Opera-Vieille Ville Station.  The G.I. Sex Shop is literally right across from the tram station at: 8 Descente Crotti, you won't be able to miss the signage.

The G.I. Sex Shop consists of four floors.  I have only been on two of them myself.  Upon entering you will notice that it has the obvious feel of a porn shop.  They have DVDs, sex toys and poppers of all kinds for sale.  The place feels clean, even compact in areas and has a strong mixture of gay, straight and bisexual male clientele.

There are private porn booths available.  Some of the porn playing appears to be not so up-to-date but I have seen some booths that seem to be playing more recent porn as well.  Cost of admittance to roam around the maze-like area in the lower level (and other areas I assume) was only 6 euros. 

The lower level, with its maze and hook up areas is definitely where most of the action seems to take place.  Its dark, and the guys aren't that shy about getting something going.  For the most part, men seemed to keep most of their clothes on, but on my two visits, there was the occasional nude man or two cruising around.  Not surprisingly, they were also the ones getting the most attention.

I understand G.I. Sex Shop is busiest during the afternoons, but gets quieter in the evenings.  It does attract quite a varied clientele, with a diverse range of age and tastes.

Play Safe!

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