Monday, March 25, 2013

Fight AIDS Monaco

Charity might be the last thing that comes to mind when you think of Monaco, but once you mingle in some of the social circles of this principality you will soon discover that the people here are warm and give back as well as they live.

One such charity that comes to mind is Fight AIDS Monaco, driven by HSH Princess Stephanie.

Fight AIDS Monaco

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Established in 2004, Princess Stephanie’s role as President of Fight AIDS Monaco and Goodwill Ambassador of UNAIDS seeks to provide information, education, prevention, support people with HIV and help combat the social stigma attached to the disease. 

Fight AIDS Monaco is funded by a grant from the Government of Monaco but mainly from private donations.

Since Fight AIDS Monaco has started, a tremendous amount of work and outreach has been done not only within the Principality of Monaco itself, but throughout the Cote d’Azur, the rest of France and the world.

The Fight AIDS Monaco organization works with a Board of 11 people, a team of 4 employees and 12 volunteers, all of which share their time, along with Princess Stephanie to help put the word out about AIDS awareness.

One of the best ways this has been done is with raising funds by organizing various events in Monaco, such as the Beach Soccer Show in February 2013 and most recently the NRJ Music Tour concert featuring a multitude of artists earlier this month.

A program called “Restaurateurs Solidaires” has been underway for a number of years that encourages participating restaurants and cafes to use items such as placemats to spread messages about AIDS prevention.

There is also the highly recognizable “Operation Quilt” in which large canvases are covered with images and messages representing people missing from the world because of AIDS and acknowledging those currently living with HIV.  They are then sewn together, along with their names as a piece of memorial artwork that is then also displayed at the quaint Sainte-Devote Church in Monte Carlo.

"Test in the City" is also done within the principality providing anonymous HIV rapid testing for free with results in only ten minutes.  Princess Grace Hospital, the Emergency Department and the Center for Anonymous and Free Screening are partners to the event.

One of the other successful events in Monaco is the charitable auction galas in support of Fight AIDS Monaco which seems to bring out the real glitz and glamor of the principality and surrounding region for this worthy cause.
Another arm of the Fight AIDS Monaco projects is the ‘Maison de Vie’ which means “House of Life” in English.  Opened by Princess Stephanie on June 26, 2010, the facility operates on an acreage in Carpentras, France as a “healing place” for those with HIV/AIDS as a place of respite.  It has wonderful gardens and walking trails with a living space for 28 adults and children.
Extensive work is also being done on two international missions, one in Madagascar and a study in Burundi where the Fight AIDS Monaco efforts continue.

AIDS knows no borders and needless to say, the very busy Princess Stephanie has worked tirelessly along with the good people of Fight AIDS Monaco to bring much needed awareness and education to this very important cause.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Luxury Shopping in Monte-Carlo Monaco

If the ultimate in luxury shopping is what you are seeking, then you will find Monaco to be one of the luxury capitals of the world.

In what some consider the heart of the principality of Monaco, the Carré d'Or, otherwise also known as the “Golden Square” which starts on Avenue Monte Carlo and around to Avenue des Beaux Arts then towards Les Allées Lumières and beyond exists nothing but the best in sumptuous goods.
This is considered to be the prime area to indulge in some heavy retail therapy. Service here is top notch and there is never a rush or a pressure to purchase. It is Monaco after all, a place known worldwide for its unique blend of leisure and opulence.

Perhaps you don’t have a royal title, but in this prestigious part of Monte Carlo, you will certainly be treated as though you have one.

You’re only problem may be where to start your shopping experience? And quite frankly it doesn’t matter, just make your way towards the Hotel de Paris and on either side of this majestic hotel you will be surrounded by a plethora of famous boutiques such as Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Cartier, Prada, Dior and the list goes on and on.
You’ve likely heard of these high-end brand names before and you’ve probably shopped in several of these boutiques but what makes these places in Monte Carlo that little bit different is the types of shoppers that frequent these establishments.

Many of the residents of Monaco (and a great number of the visitors) have an almost unlimited spending potential, meaning you will find your usual lavish pieces here, but they also make available the very hard to get, one of a kind items for purchase so you are going to be able to select from a much larger range of products, far more than what a normal spending demographic can afford

Overall, even if some of the prices for these various goods are beyond your limit, this is still a fabulous area to explore and it still makes for fun afternoon of window shopping, dreaming about how the other half must live.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Le Métropole Shopping Center Monte-Carlo Monaco

Shopping in Monaco, the two practically go hand in hand.  Within the principality anything your heart desires can be found, so to start off your shopping experience I suggest you first discover Le Métropole Shopping Center.

Metropole Shopping Center

With space being at a premium in Monaco, Métropole Shopping Center is not your typical looking mall surrounded by a car park.

In fact it’s quite the opposite, built over levels underneath the regal Hotel Metropole, you will find the center oozes of character and distinction the moment you step inside and although not large there are still over 80 shops neatly tucked away and interwoven within this shopping center and filled with products available at a variety of price ranges.

Not to mention some of the most wonderful restaurants and cafes infused within and alongside the center.

Anything you think you need or can imagine will likely be found here. For men you will find such stores at Tommy Hilfiger, Gant and Hugo Boss and for women there is a Kenzo, Red Valentino and the newly opened Max Mara.

Other shops include Sephora, The Body Shop and Fnac, along with unique home accessories and jewelry.

Open Monday to Saturday from 10am – 7:30pm, in order to find Métropole Shopping Center, just head towards Casino Square and next to the Café de Paris you will come across Place du Casino, follow east and you will quickly find the mall across the street at: 17, Avenue des Spélugues.

Métropole Shopping Center is a great place to wet you’re shopping appetite and in the past I’ve found it very helpful if I have needed to purchase a last minute item.  You never know, some of the best treasures can be found in the most unlikely of places.